In recent years, there have been a number of small, innovative bike manufacturers that have turned the bike industry upside down with their creative bike concepts and mobility solutions. The Dresden-based bike manufacturer Actofive is clearly one of them. The bike creations of Simon Metzner, the creator and engineer behind Actofive, have been known to Freeze Components for some time and are objects of desire with concepts such as the P-Train CNC. 

Bikes, milled from solid and high-strength aluminum with progressive, self-steering rear triangle, high-pivot point chain guide as well as its own crankset and many other, exciting, detail solutions, provide together with a finely tuned combination of high-quality attachments from BEAST-Components, Intend or INGRID for the stuff of bike dreams are. Just like Freeze-Components, Simon has also found his workspace with Actofive in Dresden and is, like the Freeze-Components crew, a passionate rider on the trails around the Dresden area. The P-Train test area if you will. 

We are very happy that Actofive also relies on Freeze-Components grips for their bikes and that we can be part of the exciting development of these absolute dream bikes. 

If you want to know more about Actofive, the P-Train CNC or the latest projects, you should definitely check out the website or social media channels.