Is the grip really at the end of its development? - We rethink the entire area around the handle. Because there is a lot more than only ergonomics. We want to bring back the fun, the performance and design to the grip and want to set new impulses. We’ll launch new innovations to the bicycle market, what you’ve always dreamed of. Our new Cool Grip is only the beginning and your individualism is our mission.


The days when your handlebars cry from boredom are numbered. The Cool Grip with the unique Cool technology push your hands to the limit. You want to change the design? No problem. Choose from an infinite number of individual designs and you have the coolest grip on earth.

Your individuality is our mission and the best performance on trail our goal. Join the Frozen* Grips Club!


Our Grips are produced regionally in Dresden with a thermoplastic which has a very good ecological balance. The material can theoretically be reused infinitely often and the energy balance and CO2 emissions during production is enormously low compared to other materials. We use this approach and will probably be the first handle manufacturer in the bicycle scene, which can offer its customers a complete product lifecycle. The old grips can be returned to us, shredded and used for new products. We call the whole mission with the focus on Resource-saving production: "Don't trash it, we shred it".


Our packaging is also printed and produced completely ecologically. The outer packaging is made of rice paper, all labels are printed with recycled paper and climate-friendly inks. All products and materials are sourced regionally and from Germany. Thus we save enormously on CO2 and know all our manufacturers personally. Especially the regional production is extremely important to us, because we are independent from any world events and the quality control can be taken locally and quickly.