1. Clean the handlebar grip area first and check for damage such as scratches and dents. Use only non-abrasive or non-greasy cleaning agents for cleaning.

2. Take the label sticker out of the packaging and remove the transfer paper on the back. Lay it out lengthwise from above on the handlebar in the grip area. Place the label as close as possible to the outer edge of the handlebar end. Stroke with your finger from the center of the label to the outside. The label bubbles and wrinkle-free around the handlebar.

3. Now take the Frozen grip from the packaging and push it from the outside carefully and in a smooth motion over the label on the handlebar until it has reached its final position. It is important during assembly that the opposite side is closed by another grip or held closed by hand during assembly! Make sure that the grip grooves of the grip are positioned on the underside and correspond to your grip behavior.

4. Ride cool and have fun!



A simple method of uninstallation is to use water. Lift the handle on the inside slightly upwards with your finger and fill water into the space witch was created. Then start to pull the handle from the handlebar with a slight twisting motion in which the water is distributed under the handle. Please clean and dry the handle thoroughly before reinstallation!

Just lightly press the compressed air under the frozen handle and pull the handle off the handlebar at the same time.