What do I need to consider before installing a grips from Frozen*?
Before you install our grip you must carefully prepare the grip area on the handlebar for the instatllation. Make sure the area is free of grease, dirt or damage such as scratches and dents.

How to install the label and grip correctly?
Use only original Frozen* labels and grips for installation. After cleaning and checking the handlebar grip area, start installing the label. Place the label lengthwise from the top on the handlebar in the grip area. Try to place the label as close as possible to the outer edge of the handlebar end and start to stick the label with your finger from the label center to the outside of the handlebar.

Now begin to carefully slide the handlebar grip from the outside, in a smooth motion, over the label onto the handlebar until it reaches its final position. Make sure that the grip grooves of the handlebar are positioned on the underside and correspond to your gripping behavior. See our how-to for an even more detailed installation.

What can I do if the grips turns or slips?
If your Frozen* grips turns or slips, we advise you to stop riding the bike in question and find out exactly why your Frozen* grip turns or slips. The most likely possibility is a defect in the handlebars. If your handlebars have been scratched, dented or cracked by a fall or other impact, it is possible that the fit of the Frozen* Grip and Frozen* Label are compromised. In this case, we advise you to replace the handlebar.

Another reason could be the penetration of impurities such as water or cleaning agents, lubricants (brake fluid) or similar. In this case we advise you a basic cleaning and degreasing of Frozen grip and Frozen* label. Please make sure that there is no grease, water or dirt residue when you slide the grip back on. 

Also, an incorrectly glued or loosened Frozen* Label can cause your Frozen Grip to rotate or slip. Make sure that the label is free of air bubbles and wrinkles to ensure a secure hold of your Frozen* Grip. For your own safety, please do not use a detached or wrinkled Frozen* Label a second time. When it's all checked and done, get back on your bike and have a cool ride!

What do I do if my Frozen* grips or label is torn or has other damage that is not my fault?
In case of damage to your Frozen* Grip or Label through no fault of your own, we ask you to contact our customer service via email. Please describe in your mail, as good as possible, what the defect of your Frozen* grip or label is and attach meaningful pictures to your mail.

Components Compatibility - You are not sure if the grips fits on your handlebar?
You are not sure if the grips fits on your handlebar?
 We can reassure you! Our grips should fit on all modern handlebars with a diameter of 22mm in the grip area. If you’re still unsure you can of course contact our service at cool@ridefrozen.com

Order Management
You did a late night ordering, or change your mind on your chosen grip design? Check out our general return and exchange policy to find out the best way and exchange your order.